Christina Ramirez: Girls want to have fun cutting hair

Christina Ramirez is in the eviable position of being a lady barber in training.

Because there are relatively few women that barber, she has fun in class and learns. Here are Christina’s comments: “I chose WBI because I wanted to learn how to cut hair, and I like WBI because it’s fun! I look forward to getting a lot of clients to practice on.”

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WBI barber in training Julio Velasco likes it clean!

A lot of students and visitors remark on how clean the school is. Julio actually mentions this in his comments on the school. For many students, this is a huge factor, especially for inspiring confidence in standards of education.


‘I chose WBI because a friend and family members told me it was a good school. I also chose WBI because I saw how successful WBI students are. I like WBI because it is a great school and also because it’s a really clean school. If they would put a bigger sign outside the school we would get more clients and that would really help improve my skills!”                                                               .

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Nails Newbie Lisa White Says it’s Like Art School Every Day

Lisa White is only in her third week of Nail Technology, but she loves it already.

Lisa: WBI is one of the schools that offers Nail Tech where I could start immediately and is relatively close to my house.It’s really fun, like going to art class-every day! I am learning all kinds of nail procedures.

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WBI future barber Victor Rodriguez: “I learn new stuff every day!”

Many students comment on the importance of staying challenged. WBI barber in the making, Victor Rodriguez  had his reasons for joining WBI.

“I chose WBI because I like the learning enviornment. It has great teachers and I learn new stuff every day! I learn a lot of things for my barbering career; I prefer WBI better than the rest of the other barber schools in the valley. I’d like more field trips and more clients.”

Did you hear that everyone, Victor needs more clients to practice his talent on…the line starts…here!                                                                                                   ,

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Jimmy Bermudez: “My time to shine at WBI!”

With a name like Jimmy Bermudez, as a barber, you’re going to get attention, so you better be good!

 Jimmy has a plan, and WBI was the school he chose as part of that plan.

” In chose WBI because I wanted to go to a well recognized school, and I heard that WBI was going to open a barber course. Plus, I know some of the guys on the ads, and I can relate to them. 

The staff is so helpful and knowledgable I feel they show me what I need to know to succeed in this business. I only need more hands-on experience but in ‘due time’ it will be my time to shine!

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WBI Barbers Enter Lyons Den:Star Barber Darrin ‘DL’ Lyons talks to WBI students about the power of responsible barbering

Head instructor Ms. Lana called an old friend to come to WBI and give her students some priceless advice. Barber and entrepreneur Darrin Lyons is a rare success story that inspired WBI students to reach for the stars.

From a tough childhood to cutting the heads of super stars like P Diddy, Tupak Notorious BIG, Eddie Murphy and Jay Leno, DL made it work in his favor, even when it seemed to eat at his self esteem. he learned to look at the  ‘big picture’ and ‘save for the future.’ He warned barbers that the path he chose may look glamorous but it is full of sacrifice.

He made an impact on WBI students.

Here are some comments.

Robert Sheerer : I enjoyed this unequivocally! His topics, his enthusiasm, his skills and most of all, his realness! Put him on the payroll! I want more master classes – to learn everything from line-ups to financial responsability.

Rea TurRee: I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Lyons! Great personality, most informative on the cutting process, how to handle customers, what is expected from you, and tips for preparing yourself to be successful. Next time, if we can have more time with Mr. Lyons on the cut and like to see that on different types of hair textures.

Daniel Depaz: I liked how he was open to any questions. He explained everything. I’d like to learn more about managing money.

Terell Powell: Mr. Lyons brought a human approach to teaching technique, he allowed us to make our suggestions and then showed us proper techniques. he showed us the results of hard, diligent practice. Have Mr Lyons come more often and allow the freshmen to participate. He definitely applies the full gamut from new recruits to the more experienced. Thanks for bringing Mr. Lyons in!!!

Quincy Crawford: He was one of the best speakers i ever heard. I was glued to my seat!! I don’t think I blinked because i didn’t want to miss anything.It motivated me to learn as as much as I can while I am here at WBI. Please have speakers on how to run a shop, a school, and how to invest my money…

Rigoberto Maldonado: I liked everything he showed us he really inspired and motivated me in many ways. The only thing I can suggest is for him to make it more on time, besides that it was perfect.

Fidel Paez: It was so motivating, it made me want to work harder and achieve my goal. I like that we have similar interests and that we both grew up poor, and if he could do it so can I. It was the best, I don’t see how the lecture could be any better.

Ronald Mojica: It was a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity. I liked the fact that he gave us motivation and inspiration to be successful as he is. I couldn’t ask for more. DL was superior.

Gladys Ortiz: I liked that he told us what it’s like behind the curtains. He taught us how to get ahead in life, secrets on how we can better ourselves. He really inspired me I will look up to him and others now.

I will from now on appreciate all. It would have been nice if he was here at 8:30, that way we could have more time with him.

Antonio Gutierrez: I definitely enjoyed it. I would wanna know how much the Master Barber struggled to learn how to cut hair.

David Hernandez: It was flawless. 

 WBI Barber students have spoken!

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 Western Beauty Institute is always looking for great tools to help our students excell.

Now, this Fall, WBI will be offering students the incredible advantage of MAC cosmetics AND a Master MAC Makeup Instuction by award-winning, experienced, Industry Professionals.

MAC began as a professional line of cosmetics and has been used by LADY GAGA, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, CINDI LAUPER, CHER, MISSY ELIOT, RU PAUL, ROB PATTISON, KRISTIN STEWART, THE “TWILIGHT ” CAST, AND MANY MORE….known for the coverage, quality and range of colors, MAC is the choice of professionals the world over. Quality, durability and color range are the main reasons for MAC’s success, they also do a huge outreach to help the communities; fund raisers are a fact of MAC life. 

The WBI MAC classes will be included as added value for WBI Cosmetology and Skin  Care students, and will be taught in small groups by gifted Makeup Artists. The class will also be available to individuals at a competitive price, and that will include the kit.

Participants will learn much more than ‘just’ application.

Included will be topics that enhance the students ‘hire-ability’ for jobs in film, TV, and as traveling demonstration reps. This is also a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CLASS FOR MODELS, ACTORS, DANCERS AND PERSONALITIES who may have to do their own makeup for shoots, or theater.

Fascinating and Important topics will include:

The History of Makeup, Correcting Skin Defects, Covering Dark Circles, Contouring and Shading for Maximum Effect, Airbrushing a Perfect AND Lasting Foundation, False Eyelash Application, Morning, Noon and Nighttime Makeup, Hi-Def Makeup for TV, Client Care Tips and much more.

Call WBI for more information, and ask for THE MAC CLASS. 818-894-9164

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 Summer in Cali has it’s strong points…if you like it hot, you’re in the right place.

With heat comes pollution. It can also cause eyes to itch, and burn and that irritation can cause dark circles.  Ganier, the people who brought you the Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller a few years ago, is back again, this time with its new Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller, which launches in July at a CVS or Rite Aid near you. The smooth silver roller-ball delivery system is identical but, this one camouflages dark under-eye circles with a mix of caffeine and lemon to smooth and brighten shadowed, and lightly tinted mineral pigments to hide circles.  At $12.99, it’s a perfect gift.

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What used to be a ‘fall back’ career option for men and women with few options became the hot new choice for men and women with Hip Hop heads to carve, thanks to Residente, and Kanye West, two hip hop heads.

Calle 13 idol, Rene Perez AKA ‘Residente’  is one of the poster men for the new look; a message is never missing in his madness.

Come to WBI’s barber School, and bring your message, one of our master barbers in training will be happy to make you a living work of hip hop art. 

Or better yet, enroll and learn how to make your own art.


8612 VAN NUYS BLVD.Panorama City,  Cali, 91204 ,  818-894 8612

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LA’S full of slick skin care places where you can feel underdressed just to get naked under a terry wrap.

Skulking in under a ratty baseball cap in tatty sweats won’t cut it in most ‘skin rescue’ joints, where the staff are designer decked and the clintele, well forget about it, it’s just Prada this and Chanel that.

Most of us end up slapping on more base and mascara than Tory Spelling, just to have a resigned esthetician drag a toner soaked pad across the dry terrain of our tired faces.

Well, what if you could just go to somebody’s well-equipped, quiet cozy and welcoming home, kick off your shoes and have them pamper you? That’s [almost] what you get at Skin Rituals.

Tumble out of bed, step under the shower, jump into your oldest sweats and just ease into a satisfyingly private and restorative skin care session at this South Pasadena 1918 Craftsman. The owner, Chach [short for Chacha] Ontiveros prides herself on the low key discretion of Skin Rituals.

Chach has been in the ‘skin’ business for 25 years and she  knows how to make you feel welcome; besides the lemon water and artistically decorated bathrooms, each of the treatment rooms feels more like a guest room than a sterile cell. This doesn’t mean that it’s lo-tech, however, she has all the latest gadgets, and uses the high performance skin care line of Dermalogica, and other top of the line products, she just doesn’t make that the main attraction.

Amazing and personal service is what Chach sells, and why she is booked out weeks in advance, but her staff is well trained and handles the overflow well.

Skin Rituals goes the extra mile; a foot massage comes with every. Every little homey touch for your comfort exists; it’s like going to your favorite ‘tia’ for a little R&R. 

Skin Rituals 1949 Huntington Drive, South Pasadena 91050  M-S    626-441-7900

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